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Commercial Brand


Why is commercial branding photography important?

When it comes to your brand or product then being able to showcase your business with bespoke imagery can help to keep you connected to your audience.

A few reasons why business owners invest in Brand Photography?

  • Brand photography shows the personality of your brand that’s what your clients identify themselves with and why they’ll pick you over someone else.

  • Being in front of the‪ camera often builds more confidence in you as business owners, you are the face of your business.        

  • To refresh your website with current and on brand photos
  • Having bespoke social media content ready to post
  • ‪Having visuals that present a consistent message.

  • Be taken seriously, therefore attract your ideal clients
  • To save time on taking photos, finding photos, & editing photos   
  • ‪Creating Premium appeal

Tell me your story and together we will create images in line with your brand values and produce an authentic look and feel throughout all of your marketing. A coordinated approach: whether its on social media, website or printed material.

Original eye catching photography to showcase you to your ideal client, and generating more sales.

Portrait Roast Chestnut seller, Christmas market - Paula Duck Commercial brand photography

Find Out

how brand photography can help you

Food, Drink & Product Gallery

You want your products to look their best, a tailored shoot can achieve this for you. Have a look at the gallery.

Business & Lifestyle Gallery

Stand out from the crowd with images that tell your business story, check out the gallery .

Interiors Gallery

Are you needing to showcase your property in the best light, take a look at the gallery

Chocolate cake, Corking Foods - Paula Duck Photographer

A branding session for your business, what does that entail?

We’ll have a pre-shoot consultation to discuss your business branding needs to work out exactly how to showcase your brand.

Well look at the business and decide whether you need a mixture of portraits of you in your business, telling stories of what you do in your daily routine i.e making the products and the products themselves. Or if you’re a service business showing what and how you do this.

We’ll also look at locations and lighting to make sure we are getting the best out of the shoot.

These images can be used to help promote your business on social media, your website or anywhere you do business