Telling your story, why do you need brand photography?

Brand Photography whether its a personal or a commercial brand shoot can help and benefit businesses in many ways.

Successful businesses are often led by individuals with a strong character and innovative ideas, and their personality runs through their products and services. In many ways, their business embodies them, their ideas and ideals. Getting that unique story of you and your business over to prospective clients is hard in the fog of social media and advertising. A well curated, personalised image can say a thousand words.

Your business only grows as new clients engage with your message. This is where a Brand Photography shoot provides you the key visual tools to support your vision in a fast moving media world.

I just got my brand photo’s back from Paula & they are even better than I could have imagined!

Paula was so wonderful to work with, she really listened and felt into understanding me and what I wanted for my business – the pictures speak for themselves!

She most definitely captured the essence of me as an approachable professional (and she made me look quite pretty! It’s so nice to look at photo’s of me and actually like what I see!)

Katy Garner Coaching

Katy Garner Coaching - Paula Duck Personal brand photography
Worker at Sevcon - Paula Duck Commercial brand photography

In my experience as a Brand Photographer this is what it delivers

It Increases social media engagement as your content is completely bespoke , created for you and your business, It will save you time on taking photos, finding photos, & editing photos yourself. It can also take the stress out of what to post everyday. Typically a branding shoot will give you 3 months worth of content, ready to use.

Greater brand awareness across all your marketing channels, Having visuals that present a consistent message is key to building your brand and can help in creating desire for your products or services.

Creating the perfect first impression, Being in front of the camera often builds more confidence in you as Business owners, you are the face of your business this in turn shows the personality of who you are to help attract your ideal clients. After all people buy from people.

Keeping visitors on websites for longer with unique photography, can help refresh your website with current and on brand photos. Vision driven imagery can connect you to your clients straight away

Telling a companies unique story producing a series of authentic images that show and create the IMAGE that you want to present to attract your ideal client to you. It show’s that you want to be taken seriously, to invest in your business and can help in creating Premium appeal.

Having a brand shoot is an investment in YOU and YOUR business . A shoot that will provide you with a few months of bespoke content that’s ready to use, no more headaches searching for the right stock image, or trying to find something to fit. A  brand shoot is tailored to you it brings value to you and your business. Saving you time to work on what you love your business.